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We offer many levels of customized care in our facilities. We believe in creating a healthy atmosphere where those who are in the grip of alcohol and drug dependency will be cared for, knowing that we will help them the best we can—not just for 30 days—but for as long we are needed.

Our facilities provide a relaxed, clean and comfortable environment to recover in. It is your home away from home—where your families can come and accompany you throughout your journey away from chemical dependency.

We believe that our programs here at Casa Nuevo Vida have the highest quality, integrity and success.

We Understand That Living in Sobriety is NOT Easy.

Otherwise, you won’t be looking for a sober living home right now. Many people realize that living in a sober home is not only helpful, but often necessary for them especially during the earlier stages of their recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism. This is why we provide a clean, safe, supportive and fun environment for all individuals who are not quite ready to live a completely sober life.

We Provide You the Keys to a New Life

If you are looking for an environment that will help you sustain an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, look no further than the Casa Nuevo Vida recovery homes.

Casa Nuevo Vida provides a warm home geared towards promoting a healthy and happy living. An elegantly designed and luxuriously decorated environment, Casa Nuevo Vida is not just a structure with beds and meals—it is much, much more!

Our name, Casa Nuevo Vida, which stands for “House of New Life”, should give you an insight on what our services provide. We offer a new and original approach to sobriety – a hybrid of “treatment” for sober living.

We Instill Responsibility in Our Residents While Maintaining a Sense of Freedom

We employ an effective system of accountability in our homes. We instill responsibility in our residents while maintaining freedom for each individual. Every resident is responsible for their actions, but we make sure that rules are followed and the rights of every person are respected. We are proud to say that this system that we have result in the growth of the people who live in our homes.

We Treat Every Resident Equally

Whether you are 16 or 61, we treat each resident with respect, and everyone is treated equally. We believe that a peaceful environment is the key to making life-long friends who help them in their path to recovery. While we are proud of our programs, it is ultimately our residents who find the courage to overcome their fears and live a sober life with the help of our community.

We Lead by Example

We believe that leading by example is the best way to help our residents. We understand that it is our duty to guide our residents towards a clean, healthy and sober path. We lead by example according to our principles of honesty, faith, integrity, willingness, humility, perseverance, spirituality, love and service.

Our staff is trained to provide a positive example. As many of us have experienced transitional living ourselves, we attest to the benefits of a sober life and we are always ready to listen and give advice.

We Believe that the Recovery Process Should be FUN and Does not Have to be Stressful!

Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we make sure that our residents have fun while they try to recover from addiction. We believe that having fun is MORE FUN when you are clean and sober.

Clean, sober living is what we strive for. We promise that it will not be a boring experience. Instead, we will work with you and your family through exciting and rewarding stages of substance recovery. Our individualized and comprehensive treatments increase a resident’s ability to recover more quickly.

Our Staff is Available 24/7!

We have staff on-site 24/7 who are always available to help our residents all throughout the recovery process. We also have an open door policy for loved ones and family members. Parents and siblings are welcome and we are always happy to show them what we do to help our residents go through the recovery process.

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Services & Amenities

From accommodations to cuisine, we offer the best of all amenities. Each room has its own bath. Common rooms are elegantly furnished, catering to even the most “reclusive” men and women. We provide Plasma TVs, gym equipment, ping pong tables, plus an outdoor professional half-court for playing basketball, volleyball or hockey.

In two of our locations, we have a beautiful pool and spa setting as well. All meals are provided by our house chef. Each night, Chef Adam inspires us with his latest “culinary delight.” Chef Adam can prepare any variety of meals including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, non-dairy and gluten-free if requested.

“We cater to vegetarians, vegans, kosher, gluten-free and all lifestyle dining choices.”

Casa Nuevo Vida offers you the choice of three luxurious recovery homes. Our westside men’s recovery homes are in Cheviot Hills and on the beach in Playa del Rey. Our women’s recovery home is located in Cheviot Hills. For those not familiar with Los Angeles, Cheviot is located between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. It is a fantastic location close to all westside recovery meetings and outpatient programs.

Our homes are all inclusive–offering meals, transportation, random drug and alcohol testing, court and legal liaisons, counseling, and in-house meetings. As the perfect place to achieve serenity, tranquility and sobriety, our homes are dedicated to providing clients a solid foundation and keys to a new life.

As recovering alcoholics and addicts ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to re-enter society following treatment. We know the hardships, the struggles, and the challenges of maintaining sobriety without a network of support. It is this provision of support, in addition to our unique outlook on life as sober individuals, which set us apart from other standard recovery homes.

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Where Does My Journey Start?

The truth is, an individual’s journey to sober living starts once they achieved full recovery from a substance addiction. For some, they might not have any idea how sober living works but there are also some people who’re aware of what it is about and how it works. Most of the times, if an individual – suffering from a substance addiction – tries to overcome addiction on their own, there’s a big chance that they won’t be successful. Why is that? It’s simply because they’re not aware that the environment they’re living in is filled with temptation that their body can’t handle. No matter where they go, where they look, there would always be temptation, and this is definitely a big no no for individuals suffering from addiction. At Casa Nuevo Vida, we make sure that your body would be free from drug and alcohol. Besides having a drug and alcohol free body, we would also make sure that you’ll be taught on how to deal with temptation. For some, it might not sound possible but the truth is, it really is possible. Temptations exist to tempt us but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid it. You just need to learn how to deal with them and eventually, live with them without being tempted.

How Can Sober Living Help Me?

Sober living – hearing these two words, you’ll most likely understand what it’s about. Technically, it gives you everything that you need to know about it. The only common misconception about sober living is that people think it’s the same with rehabilitation. You can say they’re the same, but the truth is they’re not totally the same. In rehabilitation, the individual will undergo a number of processes wherein they’ll need to overcome their dependency on drug and alcohol addiction. They are mainly focused on how they could remove their “craving”, their need for the substance. Unlike in sober living wherein the individuals are already drug and alcohol free. Sober living is mainly focused on teaching and helping individuals in coping up with the huge changes that they’ll undergo upon recovering from substance abuse up to going back to their normal lives. An individual can never be called fully recovered until he or she could live with the substances – that caused their addiction – without being tempted. They need to learn how to deal with them and accept the fact that temptation is everywhere, that it’s part of life. At Casa Nuevo Vida, we want to help you as much as we can. We want what’s best for you in order to recover from your addiction that is why we have staffs that you could always talk to if you need anything or you just need someone to talk to.

What Is a Sober Living Environment?

Sober living environments also known as SLEs are places or facilities wherein people suffering from substance addiction go to. It is the facility that they need to go to right after they finish taking their rehab. Some people might be wondering why individuals – who recovered from substance abuse – couldn’t go home immediately right after their rehab. Well, the truth is, they haven’t achieved full recovery yet. Full recovery could only be achieved when the individual can finally go back to their normal life, the life wherein the substance that caused their addiction could be found everywhere they go. Once an individual can finally live with the substance without using them, then that’s the only time that they could tell their self that they already achieved full recovery. At Casa Nuevo Vida, we provide sober living environments that are especially made for people suffering from substance abuse. Sober living environments are very important to recovering individuals simply because they are the ones who are helping these individuals cope up with the changes that would happen in their lives. These facilities also serve as their support whenever they feel that their body is starting to look for the substance once again. SLEs are made based on how it can help the patient to achieve full recovery.

How a Sober Living House Works

Sober living house is just like a normal house but the only difference is that it is especially made for recovering individuals. However, it’s a kind of house wherein you can’t find any traces of your old life. At Casa Nuevo Vida, one thing that we want people to stop thinking when it comes to sober living houses is that it’s not a place for them to suffer. They should stop considering sober living houses as an enemy. Honestly, they should even love it. Living in sober living houses is not like living in a prison. There are even some facilities wherein it feels like you’re living in a resort and this is what people should start thinking about these facilities. Sober living houses are places where they could enjoy. It is also something that they could consider as one of their stepping-stones in starting a new life. Sober living house works in ways people never thought of. It’s never about the suffering. It’s about helping and making the recovering individual enjoy life.

What Is Transitional Living?

Transitional living is more focused in helping the individuals who are successful in completing an inpatient type of rehab and individuals who didn’t attend any treatment facility but still believed that they could start their life once again and also believes that they just need someone to help them with it. At Casa Nuevo Vida, the transitional living program that we offer follows a specific gender recovery model. This is an important thing because we want to consider that there’s a lot of difference between men and women, not only psychological but also physical. There are some who are not aware of how effective the gender-specific recovery model programs is, there are a number of studies that shown there’s a higher percent of success for those who apply to gender-specific program compared to a program designated for both men and women. Gender-specific recovery model programs is indeed a great program for recovering individuals because they are free to talk about anything they want especially when it comes to topics that are only unique to their gender, topics that they couldn’t talk about if they’re taking the program that is designated for both men and women.

How Soon Can I Get Help?

Since an individual needs to be drug and alcohol free before he or she could go to sober living, an individual could start as soon as he or she finishes attending their rehab. Once every process or step in their rehabilitation is done, they could immediately start with sober living. All recovering individuals should keep in mind that the sooner they start sober living the better. It is a must to go straight to sober living environments right after rehab in order for them not to have any chance of going back to their old self. While everything is still fresh, better start working on how to prepare yourself in living a normal life once again. People might think it would be weird for recovering individuals not to go straight to their normal lives after rehab. Honestly, recovering individuals are like kids once again because you can’t let them explore the world immediately. You need to guide and help them in doing the right thing and not making them go back to their old substance addicted self ever again.


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